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Happy as a donkey

Feb. 1st, 2006 | 11:24 am
mood: happy happy
music: Matchbox 20 - Disease

Your Assignment:

Country: Zambia
Program: HIV/AIDS Project
Job Title: HIV/AIDS Community Mobilizer
Dates of Service: 8/12/2006-8/11/2008*
Orientation Dates: 6/05/2006-6/07/2006*
Pre-Service Training (in Zambia): 6/08/2006-8/11/2006*

*dates subject to change

"Mail takes about four to six weeks from the U.S. to Volunteers sites and there may be NO TELEPHONE OR EMAIL SERVICE IN YOUR VILLAGE. You will live in a village earthen house lit by kerosene lamps or candles with meals being cooked over wood or charcoal. Drinking and washing water may need to be carried from as far as 30 minutes away on foot."

Lol...this will be so much fun!

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Jan. 30th, 2006 | 06:29 pm

First, I want to wish Varni a very Happy Birthday!! =)

Second, if we are going to eat out/kick it/karaokin/bar hoppin for Varni's birthday, would it be possible to do it this Friday rather than Saturday? I'm volunteering with Planned Parenthood for their Pro-Choice Prom from 7:45-10:00pm. If you guys are planning to get together after 10pm, then Saturday will work for me. Otherwise, Friday after 6pm would work.

Hope y'all had a good Chinese New Year! Sorry if I didn't txt you back...I've been isolating myself. Trying to find peace with my inner soul through yoga. =) This weekend was rough. Please refer to the ChongWa girls bulletin under Advice for more information.

Btw, check out! Before you date anyone, please take a look at this site and research them. If they come clean, then maybe they're not too bad after all. lol...

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Jan. 21st, 2006 | 01:05 pm

You Are a Strawberry Daiquiri

You're a fun, playful drinker who loves to party.
You may get totally wasted, but you're always a happy drunk!

Fuck yeah! Me love anything fruity tutti baby.

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No more AOL!!

Jan. 19th, 2006 | 10:35 pm
mood: happy happy
music: Michael Jackson - Bad

Yes! So I finally cancelled my aol account. Been meaning to do that. Just been so busy dammit. I'm updating now just to let all y'all know. Best email address to get my attn is, and aim and myspace is janeygyrl. Figured why would I need to pay for aol when I'll be gone for two to three years. Ahhh...Gummy just came downstairs! She's soo adorable. I bought her another bag of dry food and whiskas. The collar that Shuk got her looks gorgeous on her. I love how it jingles when she walks around. Awww she just put her two front paws on the family room coffee table to check out what's on the table. CUTE!!! Now she's sniffing the bottom of the front door...MEOW!

Being busy and spending more time with myself and Steph has been soo good. I've bought dumbells (sp?) so I've been working out my arms, and I've been biking from Eastlake to UW. I've tried to pick up keyboarding again, so I've been practicing some songs that I learned like what...three years ago? I've also bought a yoga mat, so I've been doing yoga while watching Simpsons and Friends (you guys got me hooked now!!!). Oh, and I've also been cooking my own lunch...o_O. Me eating more pickles and pepperoni sticks!

Guess what I also found out? I was suppose to get benefits through UW since September! WTF! How the hell did that slip through the cracks? I even called benefits in September to check in with them about my status, and they told me that because I'm a temporary employee, I would have to wait six months before getting anything. So I waited. Then I talked to my coworker about it and he told me that he got it right away when he started working here. That's when I was like "oh nuh uh he didn't." So then I emailed the Psych Payroll people, forward my question to benefits, got the same answer. Then I emailed my supervisor asking her if there's any way we can bypass this, and she followed up with benefits and found out that I was suppose to it a long time ago. So now they're telling me that they don't know if I am still eligible for benefits because I WAITED! What the fucking shit is this? Y'all TOLD me to wait...and now y'all penalizing me for this (I've been hanging w/ this girl from the south too much at my new job...)?? Fuck, I hate dealing with people in benefits coz they don't care! I better get something by February 1st coz Leona told me they can only fix one quad at a time, meaning I have to visit the dentist four times to get everything filled. Just great. And Peace Corps wants this all done by the beginning of March so that I can get my invitation in April. dfjaiewoafjlsafjoiweavmxvnxcbhurtoqwrewoiwedsfk!

Anyway, time for bed. Gotta work tomorrow and then show Amber around Chinkytown coz she wanna know where she can get spices. Hehehe...that's so cute. And then I got Heidi's Bday party to go to, and then my coworker's friend's bday party on Saturday. So many bdays lately! Amber bday was Dec 29, and some other girl at work at her bday two weeks ago, and Kayla had her bday last Saturday, now I got two this weekend, and Caitlyn's bday is next Saturday. Then pretty soon it'll be my momma's bday on the 2nd and Varni's bday on the 4th. I think that's as far out as my brain can go right now. Aite, time to commite suicide so I can sleep peacefully. Aloha.

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Most unproductive day of the year

Dec. 9th, 2005 | 02:43 pm
mood: sarcastic

I've been at work since 8:30 and haven't done shit other than eat, drink, and talk. I feel very unworthy right now. If I was gonna get paid to do nothing then I should just get paid for sleeping. Whatever.

I've been kicking myself for not consolidating my loans after graduation, coz I had no idea that interest was going to go up on July 1st. Now that my grace period is over, I hurried up and made my first payment of $1000. Then I realized that because I sent in an application to get it consolidated back in June, I still qualify to have my rates fixed at when I was still in school. Crazy shit. So now I just have to sign that damn form, which I'm pretty sure I've already recycled.

Now working three jobs, trying to save and pay off loans. Hoping to leave for Mexico for a month either late March or early April. room and could I have passed that up?? Plus I'll be helping my good friend Heidi collecting data, and the resort is right off the beach. Tightness...Then on May 1st til the 15th I'ma be in Hawaii to visit my sweet friend Junko with Cuc and hopefully Marianne since I promised her I'll visit before I leave for Africa. Maybe I'll also get to check out Vancouver or Whistler once or twice again before I completely leave this continent.

Had the entire family over again last night...Grandfather's death anniversary shit. It was alright. Cutie Tony kept asking me what I was going to get him for xmas. Mimi kept yanking on Gummy's tail. And I spilled curry & pepsi in Steph's room. What a sexy night.

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Quicky posty

Nov. 11th, 2005 | 04:14 pm

I guess I always got shit going on in my life, but as of this moment these are some pressing things on my mind. I'm going to be moving in with Leona and her gf basically this weekend in West Seattle. Was just informed today. Crazy ain't it? Rent will only be $280 per month, so not bad. Thinking of just buying a blow up bed coz I'm lazy to freaking buy furniture all over again. At least it'll also be close to my parents so if I ever need anything, they're only a ten minute drive away.

I also found out Wednesday that I may be losing hearing in my left ear after a visit to the doctor's office. Not quite sure what that's suppose to mean, but I guess if I go deaf I'll be learning sign language! Hehehe, I've always wanted to learn. The doctor gave me this nasal spray shit, hopefully that'll help improve my hearing if my loss of hearing is caused by my cold.

I finally sent out my medical examination forms to Peace Corps last night. I'm freaking excited. Very close before I get an invitation and know exactly which country I'll be sent to. I also need to send in my updated resume too so they know what trainings I've attended so far. Wish May was coming up next month, but I guess in a way it is right around the corner...

Shit Cuc's calling me and I gotta go meet her. Post more later!

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Fairy tale of me

Oct. 6th, 2005 | 09:53 am
mood: crazy crazy
music: Michael McDonald - Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Once upon a time, a woman dropped from the sky and into the ocean, washed away deep into the sea. Her mother popped out of a volcano and floated away into space. Her bones scattered throughout the universe - her skull reaching the silky moon, her toes reaching the mighty sun. Evil vultures from venus devoured everything else. Her daughter became a mermaid, after the hefty King Triton realized that she couldn't breathe underwater as a human. Soon after she transformed into a beautiful mermaid a fisherman ate her, thinking she was some kind of magical spell that must be stopped. What he didn't realized was that she was a magical spell, and thus by eating her up he died of poison and his body transformed into a bull. For obvious reasons a bull cannot survive off of fish since they cannot swim, so he sooned passed away due to starvation. After having most of his body chunked off by piranhas, the vultures from venus found its way into the Earth's atmosphere and ate the rest of the bull. Finally, the mother and daughter are united with their flesh and bones stored inside the gut of the vulture.

As the vultures set out on their next adventure within the milky way, an elephant came stomping through the ocean and smooshed the vultures before they could fly away. The elephant, thinking they're the King of the World, got jumped by the Dinosaurs and ran away like monkeys. The Dinosaurs, thinking they're now the King of the World, strolled around town like they're the shit. To their surprise, people weren't running away from them. Rather, they were running away from Godzilla. Godzilla, sent by the Fart God of Jupitor, kept releasing deadly toxins that would burn the eyes out of the people's socket and cause them to explode. Out of revenge, Team America was formulated to save the world from terrorists.

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On another fucked up note...

Sep. 23rd, 2005 | 12:43 pm
mood: annoyed annoyed
music: Mariah Carey - My Saving Grace

Due to low enlistment in the military, they are now looking into a law passed a couple years back that allow those who join the military to also serve time in the peace corps as part of their service. This is fucking crazy. Why? Because people all over the world already have this preconception that members of the peace corps are really CIA agents or spy for the American government, but we're really not. We are there to lend them a helping hand if needed, and now that they have publicly announced the military will be involved with peace corps, do you know how much my saftey will be at risk when I leave? This is just bull shit. Peace corps is NOT a military service, and if I really wanted to die abroad I would have joined the marines. But what can I do, right? If I was meant to die...then it was fate. =)

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(no subject)

Aug. 29th, 2003 | 03:04 pm
mood: excited excited

last night, i finally got my gu zheng (chinese zither)! hehe..too bad i don't know how to play it. it's hella big and i have no idea whea to put it. i still need a stand for it, so i guess i'ma tell my uncle to buy one for me before he comes over here to the U.S. My mommy and grandma is hella excited that my uncle and aunt is finally coming over here to live..they've been waiting for like ten years! damn..that's hella long.

today, kenji came by my work and got me some was hella yummy. and he also gave me a lil gift for our 23rd month anniversary (wth). he got me this cute lil anklet. no one ever gave me an anklet before, so i was like huh? but its kyoote. he always seem to know what to get for me. too bad i can't really do the same =/

well tonight, me kenji steph tony and mommy are gonna go bowling and swimming. i can't fucken wait. it's way too hot today. my fingers are like on fire coz i'm constantly typing up crap at work. blah. and some bitch who doesn't even work here turned off the fan. wth. i wanted to say something but didn't wanna be rude so i just shut up. blah. i just glared at her.

why don't we all just have the bbq thingy tomorrow night? how does that sound? you know..maybe around 4 or something. i hella don't know how to bbq, so i hope you guys know how to. what are you guys gonna bring?? i'll prolly ask my mom to marinate some meat for us (probably ribs or something) and i'll go to safeway and buy some corn (hmmmmmm....). btw, where are we having this agen? i know is somewhere near alice, but i just don't know where exactly. =X well, i hope we can organize this thing asap. especially if maybe we'll have it this weekend.

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Aug. 28th, 2003 | 12:08 pm
mood: drained drained
music: blah blah blah bu blah bu blah bu blah blah blah

damn..i got five more minutes before i gotta leave work and walk to class. grrr..i'm soo fucken tired. i don't wanna work or go to class right now. my seminar, differences across dialogues (or something like that ) is four freaking hours long. houy...i'm hella crazy for taking early fall start along with summer quarter. but oh well.

my summer pretty much went by hella quick. all i did was worked at the psychology clinic, went to class and studied. all that studying paid off coz i got a 3.6 in math 124 and 4.0 in soc 270. i don't know my gpa for soc 220 coz damn professor still didn't submit her grades yet. i e-mailed her and the undergraduate office to let them know they're late. blah. i just hope they have that grade up asap so i can apply to the soc dept.

anyways, i quit my job at the psych clinic and went back to the womens center coz i missed them and they missed me. awww..ain't that sweet? yesterday, me, cuc (my co-worker), sharon (assistant director) and nancy (program coordinator) all went to nancy's house and picked berries in her 12 acres house. her house is soo fucken big. she's selling it for 1.7 million. damn. i wish i had the money to buy it. it's sooo nice. she even have a chickens and a ranch! =>

well, its 12:15. gotta get to class now. hope everybody's having fun. we gotta have the bbq asap. ain't the younguns going back to skewl on the 3rd? maybe we should have it this weekend. *shrugz* just a suggestion.

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